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The First Membership Salon for Children

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The First Membership Salon for Children in Atlanta, Georgia

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Hair Products & Membership Program

Give your hair the help it needs to grow with hair products from Braids of Natural Art. Our salon even has an affordable monthly membership plan that offers bimonthly visits so you always look your best.

Hair Care Services

We offer hair care services for toddlers and special needs children. Allow our trained staff to refresh or style your hair quickly with mobile services at your location, or visit us in the shop.


Our team has styled several children during our years in business. Our gallery includes photos of our styles and past creations. Pick your favorite for your next style or discuss one with a stylist.

$70 Special - Valid for 2 Salon Visits *1 Coupon per Child

Who We Are

Braids of Natural Art is the First Membership Salon for Children that allows all ethnicities, toddlers and special needs children, ranging from tender-headedness to limited mobility, to have their hair needs satisfied in one convenient visit. It is an extension of learning as children participate in centers including but not limited to the following: dramatic play, art, math, science, manipulative, literacy, and music. We have a lending library where children can borrow books and return them on their next visit. We also exchange books with our clients with books they no longer want in their collections for books they may want out of our collection.       

We offer hair education on keeping healthy hair habits. The salon provides a stimulating environment that is aesthetically pleasing to children.

The environment includes age-appropriate music, and our butterfly helpers to assist with bringing your child activities as they get their hair done. We also have trained Butterfly Braiders that are trained with our very own Caterpillar Technique. This is taught to all our Butterfly Braiders as we work diligently to give each member and each customer the same technique and same great service at every visit. Our Butterfly Braiders service children based on first come first basis.

Our services includes braids, twist, and lock maintenance. We also provide additional service, that include shampoo and full service, for parents with busy lives. Full service includes taking down braids, shampoo and re-braiding. Please note that our service is offered by appointment only. Braids of Natural Art emphasizes a customer-centric service where the customers' needs are always a priority.  Not to be forgotten, haircuts and styling for boys are coming soon...


Why the Founder opened The First Membership Salon For Children?

The founder opened this salon so children could be children in the salon environment. She believes that our environment should maximize a child's self-esteem and potential. As customers search for the finest salon for their children, they'll soon discover that it is nearly impossible for a child to be a child in a traditional salon setting. This is why the founder created an environment for children to freely express themselves and not limited by sitting down for hours in a salon with adult music, adult conversation, and overly mature TV or video content that too swiftly occupies a child's mind. This unique approach to the First Membership Salon for Children features stimulating and fun activities at all times. Much of these are learning activities that are meaning full and rewarding. The founder has committed to making the moment you walk through the front door be the moment your view on "salons for children" change forever. After a few visits, you will see your child's amazing love for getting her hair done on a regular basis.

Contact Braids of Natural Art in Atlanta, GA, at (877) 810-6626 to schedule an appointment for the first membership salon for children.

Serving Atlanta, Gainesville, Albany, Alpharetta, Marietta, Decatur, Smyrna, Covington, Cascade, West End, and Conyers

For more information please contact us via e-mail info@braidsofnaturalart.com

Braids of Natural Art, The First Membership Salon for Children  | Atlanta, GA

Contact Braids of Natural Art in Atlanta, GA, at (877) 810-6626 to schedule an appointment for our activity oriented children's salon services.
Braids of Natural Art, The First Membership Salon for Children, Atlanta, GA